Own Commercial Property? Increase Your Cash Flow.

Explore the power of cost segregation and turn your property into a high-performance asset.

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Realize your commercial property's true value.

Tax Overhead

Immediate deductions can mean delayed growth. Cost segregation accelerates your fiscal journey.

Cash Flow Enhancement

A strategic financial plan isn't just desired; it's necessary. Cost segregation is the cornerstone of savvy asset management.

Strategic Worth

Your property's full value should be realized, not just imagined. Cost segregation turns potential into tangible gains.

I am committed to enhancing your property's full potential.

I Understand Your Situation

Owning a commercial property comes with its unique set of financial challenges, from balancing cash flow to navigating tax complexities. It's crucial to understand and implement strategies that maximize your property's financial performance.

I Provide Cashflow Solutions

As a seasoned professional in cost segregation since 2016, I specialize in creating bespoke strategies that enhance the profitability of commercial properties. My approach is tailored to your property's specific needs, ensuring optimized tax benefits and improved cash flow.

How I improve cashflow for owners of commercial property.


Identify Client Benefits

Review your clients' commercial property portfolios to pinpoint cost segregation opportunities. Focus on maximizing tax savings and improving cash flow.


Partner for Analysis

Collaborate with our specialized team for an in-depth cost segregation study. Together, we categorize assets to unveil substantial tax relief opportunities.


Deliver Comprehensive Reports

Present detailed cost segregation results to your clients, highlighting the immediate and long-term financial benefits, enhancing your advisory role.


Elevate Your CPA Practice

Stand out in your field by offering strategic cost segregation services, adding value to your clients' businesses and fostering stronger client relationships.

Person booking an appointment.

Optimize Your Cashflow

"As a commercial property owner, optimizing cash flow is key. I'm committed to helping commercial property owners elevate their financial performance" ~ Rob Schell
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