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Be the CPA every commercial property owner should work with.

We help CPAs include cost segregation as a means to maximize ROI for their clients.

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Transform tax strategies with precision.

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Tax Complexity

Deciphering the tax code to optimize benefits can be daunting. Let cost segregation illuminate the path to greater deductions.

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Client Confidence

Ensure your clients' confidence in your financial guidance with the proven methodology of cost segregation.

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Strategic Integrity

Optimizing tax benefits with integrity shouldn't be complex. Cost segregation brings clarity to your financial expertise.

I love advancing CPA client outcomes.

My process for assisting CPAs...


Identify Client Benefits

Review your clients' commercial property portfolios to pinpoint cost segregation opportunities. Focus on maximizing tax savings and improving cash flow.


Partner for Analysis

Collaborate with our specialized team for an in-depth cost segregation study. Together, we categorize assets to unveil substantial tax relief opportunities.


Deliver Detailed Reports

Present detailed cost segregation results to your clients, highlighting the immediate and long-term financial benefits, enhancing your advisory role.


Elevate Your CPA Practice

Stand out in your field by offering strategic cost segregation services, adding value to your clients' businesses and fostering stronger client relationships.

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Maximize Your Value

"Offer your clients more than traditional solutions. With cost segregation, you can guide them towards significant fiscal benefits. Let's optimize service offerings." ~ Rob Schell

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